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Construction of a high-speed contact line 

For the first time in the history of the company, SPITZKE SE installed a high-speed contact line of the type Re 330. The challenge with this type was the very tight tolerances for the position of the contact wire and the high mechanical demands placed on the whole system to supply the ICE with uninterrupted electricity during operation.

With the mountainous topology of the Thuringian forest, the beauty of the landscape provided variety: 12 tunnels between 500 m and 8,300 m long and 14 bridges had to be strung with catenaries and return conductors in this section along a line length of 43.9 km. In many cases, the construction site could only be reached via forest tracks, which were also used by the by the track layers and many other equipment maintenance groups.

After planning began at the end of 2012, work on the construction site commenced with the erection of masts in the late summer of 2013. The technical acceptance inspections and successful test programmes marked the conclusion of this sophisticated project in November 2016.

Our photo gallery offers you an insight into the construction project.


SPITZKE in Munich’s underground

Track-laying work at a depth of 19 m and in a very confined space: The Southern Germany Centre of Excellence is renewing the U3 line of the Bavarian state capital on behalf of Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG).  more...


Gap closure with maximum speed

Complex overhead line system erected between Coburg and Ilmenau more...


Signals from heaven

At the beginning of November, together with employees of Thales Transportations Systems GmbH, the Equipment/Electrical Engineering Division erected new signal masts along a Hessian railway line. The SPITZKE employees received support from the air.  more...


Trade magazine nominates WSO

The WSO, with its new low-noise safety system for large rail-bound machinery has been nominated for the Innovation Prize of the Privatbahn Magazine! more...

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