Compliance means following and complying with all legal standards, internal instructions, guidelines, directives and ethical rules which are the basis of integrity in business transactions. The compliance department of the SPITZKE Group monitors to ensure that business transactions are completed by legally and ethically impeccable means.

Tasks Its main task is to create an environment which requires conduct in conformity with the rules in all processes and protects against irregular decisions. In this way it is possible to prevent corruption, fraud and embezzlement in advance. Incorrect conduct nevertheless registered is strictly pursued and thoroughly analysed.
Organisation The compliance system introduced in the SPITZKE Group helps to achieve strict compliance with all legal standards, guidelines, directives and rules. The compliance team in the group's head office is responsible for implementing all measures. It is led by the Chief Compliance Officer, who is a member of the SPITZKE SE Board.
Ombudsman An external, independent lawyer is available as a contact for reporting suspected cases of non-compliance and is subject to statutory duty to maintain confidentiality. He accepts information, advises the informant and anonymously forwards the information concerning the suspicious facts – if the informant consents – to the responsible bodies within the company.

Klaus-Hinrik Woddow
Lawyer and Notary
Kanzlei Heers & Woddow
Kurfürstendamm 220
10719 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 8892000
Fax: +49 30 8816882
Notices Anyone who would like to report suspected misconduct within the SPITZKE Group can contact the ombudsman – anonymously if they wish. The lawyer is subject to a duty to maintain confidentiality.
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