Quality management

Our quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and SCC as well as the environmental protection standards DIN EN ISO 14001:2004. We guarantee implementation of international quality, health & safety and environmental standards and fulfil all the specific requirements in the respective country.

Customer-focus Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our aim is to more than satisfy our client's standards and to provide top quality. The needs of our clients are integrated in our processes.
Employee satisfaction Our employees are our most valuable asset. Highly motivated, qualified and committed, they form the basis of our productivity. They have the necessary technical training and are comprehensively trained to complete all contracts with the required quality and to satisfy the clients` wishes.
Innovation Continuous improvement of all processes and implementation of innovations are decisive factors for our success. We permanently continue to develop the range of work and services we offer and our technology according to the growing requirements and for the benefit of our clients.
Flexibility Our structures are characterised by their greatest possible flexibility. We work with foresight and are capable of quickly and efficiently responding to specific requirements.
Responsibility Each employee is responsible for the quality of their own work and is obliged to produce qualitative results. The management bears the overall responsibility for quality. The respective managers implement our high quality standards in their daily work and lead by example by actively practising the quality principles.
  • ­Quality management – EN ISO 9001:2008
  • ­Concrete quality mark of the "Gemeinschaft für Anerkennung im Bauwesen" (construction recognition association)
  • ­Concrete class 2 and 3 qualification in accordance with the manufacturer and user regulations
  • ­Certification of Qualification/TransQ
  • ­Railway transport company
  • ­Specialist workshop for the maintenance of rail vehicles
  • ­Environmental management – EN ISO 14001:2015
  • Specialist disposal company
Health and safety
  • SCC – Health, safety and environmental protection
  • ­Fusion welding to ISO 3834-2
  • ­Class 1 welding work
  • ­Welding of steel structures to DIN 18800-7:2002-09 Class E
  • ­Welding qualification to EN ISO 3834-2
  • ­Welding qualification to DIN 4099
  • ­International welding engineer
Safety management
  • Safety certificate part A according to (EG 2004/49/EG) Nr. 653/2007
  • Safety certificate part B according to (EG 2004/49/EG) Nr. 653/2007
  • ­ DB AG prequalification – track design speed LS I (points and track laying)
  • ­DB AG prequalification – earth structures and general civil engineering, utilities and cable routing
  • ­DB AG prequalification – electrical engineering, cable civil engineering, cable laying work, cable installation
Structural engineering
  • ­DB AG prequalification – structural engineering
Electrical engineering
  • ­DB AG prequalification – 16.7 Hz overhead line, electrical railway energy supply systems
  • ­DB AG prequalification – electrical points heating systems
  • ­DB AG approval – Hamburg urban railway conductor rails and cable installations up to 25 kV
  • ­DB AG approval – Berlin urban railway conductor rails and cable installations up to 30 kV
Logistics/ transport
  • ­Railway transport company
  • ­DB AG E1 supplier
  • Safety certificate part A according to (EG 2004/49/EG) Nr. 653/2007
  • Safety certificate part B according to (EG 2004/49/EG) Nr. 653/2007
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Quality Management
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